Declaration & Privacy Waiver

Declaration & Privacy Waiver

I/We, being the signatories below, hereby authorise any person or body of persons listed below to disclose to New Zealand Finance Ltd trading as Grabaloan (NZF) promptly on request, the following personal information about me:

  1. My current address and or current whereabouts, including any arrival and departure records held in New Zealand:
  2. My current known name(s);
  3. My other known name(s);
  4. My current bank account(s) including bank statements; and
  5. Any employment details.

The persons or bodies of persons to whom this authority applies are:

  1. any New Zealand Government department, agency or service including (but not limited to):
    • Ministry of Social Development (including Work and Income);
    • Inland Revenue;
    • Ministry of Justice;
    • Department of Corrections;
    • New Zealand Immigration Service;
    • New Zealand Police; and /or
    • Housing New Zealand Corporation/Kainga Ora;
  2. any New Zealand Telecommunication Company or service including (but not limited to);
    • Spark Limited; and/or
    • Vodafone New Zealand Limited.
  3. any registered bank in New Zealand;
  4. any other credit provider or debt collector in New Zealand; and
  5. any current or previous employer.


We understand that NZF is collecting information to determine whether to advance credit which it may not be able to do if all the requested information is not provided. Information collected and held may be used by NZF from time to time for credit assessment and control purposes, to register security interest, for sending promotional and other material about the services it supplies, and generally to do business with us. It will also be used to meet any of NZF’s legal obligations, in particular under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, and for the collection of any monies owing by us.

We acknowledge that the information collected may be exchanged with organisations or people including other credit providers, government departments, our employer and our relatives for those purposes. Under the Privacy Act, we have the right to access and correct our personal information. We acknowledge that in addition to the information provided here, we have been made aware of NZF’s privacy policy, which is set out on our website:, on the Legal Stuff page and on the application page.


I/we declare that the information provided on my/our credit application form is true and correct.

I/we understand that credit checks (including with credit reporting services such as Centrix and Equifax) and PPSR checks will be carried out so that NZF can process our application and decide whether we can afford to meet our obligations. I understand that the provision of my driver’s licence number is voluntary, and I authorise that my driver’s licence number may be provided to Equifax/Centrix as part of processing a credit check. Where collection of the licence number and card is in person, NZF will take reasonable steps to ensure the individual is the individual shown on the driver’s licence.

I understand and I authorise Equifax/Centrix and/or other credit services to give NZF information about me for the purpose of assessing my loan application and that NZF will give Equifax/Centrix and/or other credit agencies information which will be held by those credit agencies on their systems and will be used to provide future credit reports. This means that the information I give NZF and which NZF passes on to Equifax/Centrix and/or other credit agencies will be given to their respective customers who also use the particular credit reporting service. I authorise that and additionally I authorise that motor vehicle register and PPSR checks may be obtained to enable the processing of this loan application.

I authorise NZF to use Equifax/Centrix and/or other party’s credit reporting services in the future in relation to the provision of credit to me (including assessing ongoing affordability), administering the loan and enforcing payment. This may include using monitoring services and receiving updates if any of the information held about me changes.

I/we declare that no money is owed on the security being provided other than that which has been stated and that I/we are not un- discharged bankrupts.

I/we irrevocably agree that NZF may give to, and seek from, credit providers, credit reporting agencies, my/our employer/s, relative/s or other named person/s such personal, financial and commercial information as is reasonably necessary relating to this credit application, the administration of any loan and any ongoing debt recovery.

I/we acknowledge that any costs reasonably incurred relating to debt recovery are payable by me/us and that a default may be recorded against my/our credit history for non-payment of debts incurred with NZF.

I/we understand and agree that the information on this form may be exchanged with other credit providers or other third parties to assist the recovery of my/our debt.

I/We have read and accept the terms of this Declaration and Privacy Waiver.

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