With a QuickDraw® Revolving Credit Account you can access funds anytime, up to your lending limit, without the worry of adding another payment to your budget.

Affordable set repayments mean you are always paying down your account, freeing up funds to draw on if you need them later.

Get up to $3000 using a QuickDraw® Revolving Credit Account

Interest rates from 9.95% to 29.95% p.a. fixed.
A one-time $195* Establishment Fee and $10 per month administration fee applies (*while your account is open) 

How much would you like?

The repayment frequency will match your income cycle.

$1000 $3000
Weekly Payments 52 x $
Fortnightly Payments 26 x $
Monthly Payments 12 x $
Total Payments $

Note: Repayments on this calculator are based on a Grabaloan “B” Credit Score – 19.95% (see our Interest Rates page) and includes a one-time $195* Establishment fee and $10 monthly account fee and should be used as a guide only. A full loan quotation will be provided to you as part of your loan offer. (*while your account is open)

Online application

Grabaloan offers a simple online application process with flexible lending criteria.

Top up as often as you need

QuickDraw® is a revolving facility, which means you can access up to $3000 as you need it (within your credit limit).

Flexible low repayments

Affordable repayments and interest rates from 9.95% to 29.95% p.a. (fixed)

Feeling snowed down with debt?

Tired of feeling stressed trying to meet unexpected expenses?
End up applying for new loans with different lenders?
Is your budget stretched to its limit?

QuickDraw® Offers:

• Funds when you need them up to your lending limit
• No re-application process (while your account is open)
• No expensive re-documentation fees
• And, your repayments stay the same

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