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We understand that our customers are looking for a loan product that meets their individual needs. It maybe you are looking for a short-term loan – wanting to pay it off quickly OR you may prefer to have lower repayments AND you may want the option to do top ups and to have a revolving credit facility.

Our QuickDraw® account offers you the flexibility to be what you need it to be.

The interest rate offered to you for a QuickDraw® account will depend on your Credit Rating

Credit ScoreGradeInterest Rate
800 to 1000A9.95% p.a (fixed)
600 to 799B19.95% p.a (fixed)
lower than 599C29.95% p.a (fixed)

QuickDraw® Account Fees

Fee DescriptionAmount
Loan Establishment Fee$195
Establishment disbursements (Schedule of costs provided on request)Estimated $30
QuickDraw® Redraw Fee (When you redraw on your account)$25
Monthly Account Fee$10
Payment Waiver Agreement (What is a Payment Waiver Agreement?)$2.29 weekly
Dishonoured Payment Fee$15
Penalty Interest Rate (charged on overdue portion of account)+10% p.a.

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